Mivano grab home win @ Monza 24H Series

Carla and Fiallo execute a near perfect race to secure first GT3 series win.

Image courtesy of Improvised Design @byimprov

Mivano #33, 1st place, Tommaso Carla, Dion Fiallo: At our home race, in front of a virtual tifosi of thousands, Tommaso put in one of the qualifying laps of the season to grab pole by mere fractions of a second. From there he lead the field well in the early stints, but traffic helped close up the field and the Ronin SimSport #99 car stayed large in our rear view mirror. With Dion maintaining the lead through the middle stints, Ronin finally got the jump on Tommaso and led going into the final hour. A brave strategy call to change just one tyre helped give Tommaso a pace advantage, enough to close the gap and put pressure under Ronin. With just minutes to go, Tommaso made his move and with Ronin illegally cutting across, contact was made which spun them out of contention. This left Tommaso to cruise home to a stunning victory in front of the adoring tomato pasta loving tifosi.

Race results:

Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 13.37.00

Race replay: