Fantastic Farrow seals Motegi victory

A late pass on Pure Racing Team secures a second win of the season with teammate Hamilton, as Carla and Partington pick up a podium finish in the sister car.

Mivano XX, 1st place, Marcus Hamilton, Matt J Farrow: Starting in P5, Matt pulled off some excellent moves to quickly progress up to P2 in the opening stint, and set about closing the gap to PRT in P1. Marcus kept the pressure on during the middle stint but the gap slowly started to rise again after traffic failed to fall his way. With an hour to go Matt had a 17s gap to make up to P1, but with some unbelievable pace he reeled in PRT quickly at over a second per lap and made his decisive move for the lead with just 20 minutes to go, and held on easily for another brilliant victory.

Mivano XXI, 3rd place, Tommaso Carla, Mike Partington: Strong qualifying put them 3rd on the grid, and Mike soon moved up to 2nd place in the opening laps. Some downshifting problems meant they started to lose touch with the leaders and the sister XX car, but a strong middle stint by Tommaso and a solid finish by Mike meant they finished safely on the podium.

Race results:

motegi results

Race replay:

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